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Privacy Information

Welcome to the website of PioneerASO®, a division of Community Health Options. Your privacy is very important to us and we will make every reasonable effort to safeguard any information we collect.

Please review our privacy policies. If you have questions regarding these policies, please contact Member Services.

Web Privacy Statement

Note: The Web Privacy Statement does not cover the uses and/or disclosures of health information and the various privacy rights available to members enrolled in an Administrative Services Only (ASO) self-funded health plans, which are sponsored by an employer group. These members should direct their requests for the appropriate privacy notice regarding their health information to their assigned benefits administrator or Privacy Officer.

Website and Portal Terms of Use

Please review the Terms of Use. If you have questions regarding these policies, please contact Member Services at (855) 624-6463.

Terms of Use

Information for Developers

Machine-Readable Files

Federal Transparency in Coverage regulations require health insurers and group health plans to provide negotiated rates and allowed amounts for in-network and out-of-network providers, respectively, in the form of machine-readable files (MRF). This pricing information on costs and services are available through the following links:

  • In-Network Rate File provides the rates for all covered items and services between Health Options and all in-network providers.
  • Out-of-Network Rate File-Allowed Amounts provides the rates of all allowed amounts for, and billed charges from, out-of-network providers.
  • Note: These files will be updated monthly.

Notice of Interoperability

For Members: Interoperability in healthcare is the ability for information, in the form of data, to be shared and used between doctors, laboratories, hospitals, pharmacies and the consumer/patient/individual. The goal of interoperability is for health information systems to work together within and across organizational boundaries to improve the effectiveness of healthcare for individuals.

It is important for Health Options Members to know that you control your health-related data sharing through health applications, like exercise trackers, which you must choose to connect through your smartphone, tablet, etc. If you choose not to share your access – your information remains private. You turn data sharing on and off via your health and wellness application on your personal device. If you don’t download an app and turn on permission, nothing changes.

For Developers: The following documentation is for application developers and is not intended for Members or the general public. Application developers, please use the following link to access API documentation: https://datastream-developer.inovalonone.com/